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      Jon writes most of the music. He plays bass, and guitar depending on his mood and he's always singing. In high school he was a marching band nerd who would go home and practice guitar for 5 hours a night, but in early college he wanted to be a rapper. It wasn't until he met Neil that he would truly "find his sound" as they say. 

     Jon is the main KONA producer, and has applied his chemical engineering (his college major) mindset to his mixing/mastering skills.

     He does absolutely horrible with the ladies, except when he has a beard. It's probably because Neil's always there to make him look ugly.

     He also worked as a producer for Cat Family Records located in Tallahassee, producing Austin Dienger's first EP.

Jon the Singer

      Kona the Band began when Neil and Jon locked eyes in the middle of the Tallahassee rock climbing gym. Neil had amazing hair, and Jon was loud. Once they both realized they were super into music, they were all like
               "Hey lets start a band".
      Then Neil was like
             " What should we call it?"

      Jon was like

             "KONA the BAND"

"Kona" - Jon's old dog who he loved very much-->

 KONA the Band

    Just look at that hair! Now imagine he is amazing at drums, singing, writing music, playing guitar, rock climbing, and interpersonal skills. That is Neil for ya. Oh and did I mention he was an accounting major?
    Neil was a metal nerd in high school who as been producing and drumming for years. While his typical style had been progressive metal for a very long time, he found that his experiences in KONA allowed him to let loose and have a good time, while exercising a new skill called improvisation. 


Neil the Drummer

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